First CM7, then CM9 and now CM10. It’s been a busy few months of coding and developing and now with collaboration from other developers, we have Team MTDEV. What started as a fun little project for me on the side has turned into a Team of Developers. We are made up of six developers located all over the country, working together to make the Motorola Triumph a solid Android phone that costs a mere $25.00 a month for unlimited data, text, and 300 minutes of talk from Virgin Mobile. Because of the donations and support from the fine members at Android Forums we have been able to purchase a total of three used Dell T5400 Dual Quad-Core Workstations for our team of developers and we still have extra money to help with other costs. It’s been a very exciting few months of learning programming languages (Java, C, C++) and pushing the Motorola Triumph to its limits in terms of usability. I have always wanted to build an operating system all my life, it’s been a dream after I got involved with computers at an early age. And now thanks to open source efforts of Google, and CyanogenMod I have been able to turn that dream into reality! Go Team MTDEV!!