PRactice Astro Processing

Practice Astro Processing

This section is designed to learn and practice processing Astro images. I wanted to give back to the community so others can learn and have fun. My application of choice is PixInsight. It’s not for everyone but I feel it’s the best application for working with deep sky objects. Below are different images I have integrated with my rig as it’s changed over time.

My goal is to offer all images in TIF format so anyone can use whatever application of choice you like. All files will be in ZIP format to save on server space. If you click on the images in each section you will see what hardware I used and integration time at AstroBin. I will slowly be adding more images along with YouTube videos of my process. In the meantime I have some solid links to start you off in my blog post about PixInsight

If you would like to join in the discussion there is more information over at Cloudy Nights

 Again have fun and learn!

OSC Data: All files have been captured with the ASI533MC Pro and integrated with PixInsight using the Weighted Batch Process, Cosmetic Correction and then Drizzled to fix Undersampling. More details are listed on the Astrobin Images for setup. If special filters were used I will have info on the image

M78 Tif File

My Take of M78

Tutorial on using PixInsight and integrating the Rosette Nebula

Using PixInsight with the Rosette Nebula

DSLR Data: All files were captured with a Nikon D5500 and created in PixInsight using the WBP script without cosmetic correction and without the drizzle process.

Tiff File

PixInsight Icons

My Take of M42

Tiff File

PixInsight Icons

My take of NGC 2023

Tiff File

PixInsight Icons

My take on M45