So from tinkering with Linux to now being a full-on developer?!?!? Well, it didn’t happen overnight. In January I got excited about working on the Ice Cream Sandwich project and started learning all about the AOSP and dove into working on the Motorola Triumph. I didn’t make any headway at all, lots of failed builds and nothing ever booted or worked. However, that didn’t stop me from trying more. In our Android Forums community, Whyzor another developer left as he moved to another phone. I asked him if I could take over CM7 developing for our forum and the keys were handed over. Now I am full-on developing and hacking on the code, adding infixes, apps, you name it. My Motorola Triumph has been one of the best Cell Phone purchases I have ever made! From just tinkering on the phone to now developing a full based replacement ROM has been a lot of fun. I hope to continue to bring new and exciting things to the Triumph! More information is listed on the site below.