Alright, here we go again sharing on YouTube and using PixInsight. The data and video are a quick 10,000ft view of PixInsight and how I use it to process images. Through the videos I discussed links I whould share. Here are those links.

Links I speak about in YouTube video – Great site to learn more about PixInsight through video – Same creators of IP4AP – Adam Block’s deep dive into the Weight Batch Preprocessing – Information about Drizzling


Ok so on to the tutorial, to get started download the following link and extract it on your desktop

Here is an update as Pixisnight updated the WPB to 2.0 just right click to download

Now that the files are extracted let’s get going with the video

Final Image

If you followed the tutorial you should have something like this. Please feel free to share your images on Cloudy Nights on the following thread