I just recently downloaded a demo of this software and wow is it powerful. This is considered the upper echelon of astrophotography software on the market. As it stands this software is one of the most complex pieces of software I have ever used and it allows you to manipulate each picture you take and really clean up each image by processing the images. I went back and wanted to see what I could do with the M45 Pelaides that I shot earlier last month. I was really happy with the picture I took and how the edit came out using DeepSkyStacker, stretching it in Affinity Photo, and finally making some edits in Luminar 4. It looked great to me, but after running the whole stacking process along with processing the image in PixInsight I was floored at the quality of the image I end up with. It’s simply amazing and I can not believe the difference in the image I took, I mean seriously it’s like a whole different picture!

As you can see it’s a huge difference in terms of bringing out more detailed stars and really showing what type of picture I have taken with my Nikon D5500. Since I am still learning PixInsight I watched some free videos on YouTube from Mitch. He offers some fantastic videos that helped me but while watching him I wanted to dive deeper into the software to learn how to edit in more detail. I went out and purchased what is considered one of the top books on PixInsight. I popped for the digital edition of the book for $25.00. Even though it is considered one of the top books I felt it very difficult to work through it compared to watching a video of someone moving around in the application, in my continued searches I ran into IP4AP which is designed for the visual learner which with the complexity of PixInsight I feel is a much easier process for me to learn and they also they offer a monthly streaming service which is fantastic!

Since making the purchase over the weekend I have been able to get a better grasp of the processing model of PixInsight and my goodness is it a beast for sure! Since getting it down better and learning how to manage color manipulation better I set out to redo my M31 Andromeda image I took. The first image to me was just plain terrible as it lost so much detail in the image so I set out to take my new learned skills in PixInsight to see what I could do.

As you can see it’s simply amazing in the detail and the quality of the image I took. I mean it’s literally night and day in terms of what you can see. All I can say is its freaking nuts and couldn’t be happier with my new found skills in PixInsight!