Well, I just had my birthday past and my wonderful wife bought me a Spektrum DX6i remote. It’s an incredible remote that flies my E-Flite MSR like a dream, compared to the base remote that came with it. Now that I have a man remote I wanted to start learning how to fly better as I tend to crash from time to time. Just ask my Wife 🙂 So I was looking at multiple simulators, the big names are Phoenix and RealFlight. Well before shelling out $150+ for the other two, I took a serious look at ClearView.

While it only costs a whopping $39.95 it flies perfectly right out of the box. No special USB adapters or controllers are needed. Nope, all you need is a little tech knowledge and some gumption and your ready to fly. After tweaking with multiple settings and messing around with it, I was able to finally get everything to work perfectly using a Dell Computer, a Male to Male Audio Cable and some open-source software that creates a virtual joystick through you input on the Audio Card. Here is a complete walk-through on how I did it.

DX6i Configuration Walk Through