So in my last article, I posted about increasing the speed of StarNet++ as long as you have a CUDA-enabled NVIDIA Graphics Card. This article is about speeding up PixInsight with a little thing called RAM Disk. What doe this cost? Well, some time to set up and 10GB -20GB of your RAM from your PC depending on how much you have to give. What you get in return depends on your system, for me it was was a nice increase

Before RAM Drive on Windows 11

Total: 29411
CPU: 29544
SWAP: 29003
Transfer MIB/s: 5236.526

After RAM Driver on Windows 11

Total: 30402
CPU: 28592
SWAP: 41451
Transfer MIB/s: 7484.106

So to set it up your RAM Disk just need to follow this article

Since I have 128GB of RAM I set up a 20GB RAM drive and tested the benchmark multiple times and added 8 temp folders till it did not improve. I also removed all temp folders from my local C:\ drive and only used the R:\ RAM Disk Drive.

Here is a YouTube video I did on setting up tweaks for your system for Temp Folders