I have spent the better part of 11 years trying to set up the ultimate Media Center for home. It all started with the XBOX using XBMC back in 2003 and slowly worked my way into a Windows 7 computer running Windows Media Center using (2) XBOX 360’s as extenders. I also had to run Tversity, PlayOn, and AirPlay to stream all the different codecs but was never perfect.

This weekend I took the step back to find a single solution for all my devices and setup PLEX. I started by reloading my home computer to Ubuntu 13.10. After purchasing a Roku 3 my dreams of the perfect Media Center are now complete. I am using a Wii U, Roku 3, (2) Android Nexus’s, (2) Samsung Galaxy S4’s, an iPad 1st gen and an LG Smart TV. With the PLEX Media Center, I was able to set up multiple accounts and stream different content to each account using shared folders which created base parental controls. The other great thing is that I can access all the media content from away from home with any of the Android or Apple devices.

If we ever plan on going on a trip we can also take the Roku 3 since it’s so small and hook it up to a TV to watch movies, and or TV shows on the road. Finally after years of waiting and hoping I am finally there and can play any mkv, mp4, avi, and even subtitles if need be!! Thank you PLEX for the option of Life Time Membership!! I will sell more people on this wonderful entertainment system!!