And I am shaving with my Great Grandpa Fred’s straight razor. It was an amazing day to say the least on Saturday the 26th of October! I couldn’t believe just a proper stropping and the blade was almost 100% shave ready. I had to end up honing after the shave and will give it another shot on Monday morning. The razor is a 5/8 Wiss Favorite, and simply a gorgeous razor. The only issue with the blade is the scales. Since it’s been sitting in the picture frame for 50+ years the left side of the blade has brownish scales and the right side is still beautiful black. Kind of the yin and yang if you will. This is the first time the razor has shaved a man in my family since the 1950s. I hope to make this my daily razor, or if nothing else have it in my top rotation. I have thought about maybe replacing the scales but figure it’s to soon to think about that. Anyways just wanted to share!