So a long time ago in a land far away I used to work at Eclipse Aviation. During my tenure Loyd my manager, gone learned me about inbox zero. While following those concepts I keep a pretty clean inbox. Currently, my work email has 5 emails (which I should turn into a task following the principles of GTD), and my personal email has 1. I was thinking today and thought “If I have an email I replied too why not archive it as I don’t have any more actions to do with it?”. I mean how many emails do you have in your inbox that you have replied to that can simply be archived off into the nowhere, or even better…deleted?

Honestly, this does have some underline issues with Gmail. You don’t want to archive every single email because the break down of inbox zero is to archive what is important, and what is not important simply delete. Currently, I just turned on this feature in Gmail to give it a test run. Here is a link on how to set it up. Mind you this is old technology from 2009 but I had this wild idea today that this would be a great thing to add to Gmail. Sure enough, someone beat me to the punch. Anyways just a little post to maybe think about how to manage your emails better and also a little GTD to get you working smarter not harder. Thank you, Loyd, you should be overjoyed that your words didn’t fall upon deaf ears all those years ago, even if it was just me 🙂