Once again time to fork out more money from my poor wallet and spend it on my rig. This time I have spent my precious money on an Optolong L-eXtreme Dual-band filter. What this filter will do for my setup is it allows my new ASI533 OSC (One-Shot Color) camera to be able to take a narrowband captures of deep space objects but only allowing passes of Ha (Hydrogen Alpha) and Oiii (Oxygen) emissions lines as shown by the following graph.

By shooting objects in space that have Ha and Oiii I will be able to pull those colors out of images and create the Hubble Palette when integrating my images in PixInsight. There is a really good article about the Hubble Pallete located here


To install the filter it’s super easy on the Redcat 51, here is a video from Silent Astro on the process

Now that the filter is installed it’s the old let’s hurry up and let’s wait for some clear skies. The filter arrived on Wednesday the 3rd and my goal is to shoot the Rosette Nebula once I can get back out to shoot. I will come back and update the post once I have taken my first image.