So about 7 months ago I bought a rocking ProClipUSA for my then Google Galaxy Nexus phone. I even popped a little more for the USB charger cable setting me back $89.48 total with a 10% promo code. It sounds like a lot for cell phone car mount and it is, however it’s made in the USA and it’s designed specifically for your phone and also your specific car for mounting properly to your dash. By far it’s the best cell phone car mount I have ever owned.

So this past week I just picked up the Moto X Developer Phone which I absolutely love! I was going to pop for a new Moto X ProClip however at $54.00 I wasn’t as excited especially because if I ever buy a new phone in the future I will need to buy another ProClip. So instead of popping for a new car mount  I decided to drive over to the hardware store and ended up buying a piece of aspen wood(1/2x3x2) as it’s a very soft wood and some wood screws (4×1/2).

Since the ProClip is so well handcrafted and designed I was able to unscrew all the mounting ABS plastic parts including the USB charge cable and then remounted them to the aspen wood. All in all, it took me about 20 minutes to make. The only extra thing I used was a piece of Velcro strip I had laying around. The finished product is a Universal ProClip that fits my Moto X along with my Wife’s Samsung S4. Here are some pictures of the setup, I still need to sand down the top to make it look nice and smooth as I have a metal saw instead of a proper wood saw, however for $4.26 for the wood and wood screws it’s a win in my book!

Tools used:
Metal Saw (don’t have a wood saw)
Black & Decker Drill (popped the hole in the center for the mounting screw to the main base)
Philips Screw Driver (Used to disassemble the ProClip and install of the wood screws as the wood is very soft)
Scissors (Used to cut the Velcro)

IMG_20140809_133632259 IMG_20140809_133613569 IMG_20140809_133657895